About Us

Nice resting spot

We are Luke and Sharon. We met at UIUC at the local pub and left for Sunny California once the diplomas were in our hands.

Luke has a Masters Degree for Computer Engineering while Sharon has a Bachelors for Comparative Literature. What do we have in common? A love of adventure!

We started hiking together in 2009, a year after our big move to the Golden State. We started small; day hikes to waterfalls or strolls in county parks, all in our VW Jetta. We quickly increased mileage and before we knew what we were doing, we were sleeping in the woods.

Soon enough, our Jetta could not take the arduousness of our life so we bought a Jeep. We named her Ellie and Luke is constantly modifying her. Ellie is our transportation (mostly), our storage bin, and too often, our shelter.


Meet Ellie, the Jeep. She is an important adventure tool.

After we bought the Jeep, things really took off. Now we are hikers, backpackers, road and mountain bikers, kayakers, and avid road trippers.

Luke loves “peak bagging” while Sharon waits just below the final ascent.

Luke takes the pictures but Sharon puts them on Pinterest.

Luke does the camp cooking while Sharon reads.

Luke likes to be dirty but Sharon dreams of shampoo and insists on body wipes.

We both love to explore the beauty that surrounds us and we hope you will join us as we tell our stories from around the country and hopefully the world.


Battie the Peak Baggin’ Bat joined our family in November 2012. He hails from Panamint City in Death Valley National Park.