Trip Wish List 2014

CA State Parks:

  • Gilroy Hot Springs, Henry W. Coe: need special permit
  • Russian Gulch, Mendocino Headlands, Van Damme: 3 days, mountain bikes
  • Manchester State Park: 2 days, only 5 miles of trail, combine with another park?
  • Hendy Woods: 2 days, Hermit huts

National Parks:

  • Lassen Volcanic: Backcountry skiing 3 days minimum
  • Yosemite: snowshoe, backpacking
  • Death Valley: Saline Valley, Steele Pass
  • Sequoia/Kings Canyon: skiing or snowshoeing, backpacking


  • Bend, OR: Bend Ale Trail, kayaking
  • Need more mountain and road biking (getting on the bike more often!)
  • Lost Coast Trail: BLM, 3 days (in planning phase)
  • Saddle Mountain, Rattlesnake Ridge, Buck Creek Loop: BLM, 2/3 days, 20.9 mi
  • Mt. Whitney!: this is the year, we can feel it, from Cottonwoods Meadows
  • Domelands Wilderness: backpacking, 3 or 4 days (complete!)
  • Marble Mountain Wilderness: 4-day backpacking loop
  • Trinity Alps Wilderness: 3 or 4-day backpacking loop (2-day loop complete)