Murietta Falls: Ohlone Regional Wilderness via Del Valle Regional Park


Morning light on the hills.

Though the Ohlone Wilderness Regional Trail is 28 miles long, stretching from Lake Del Valle to Mission Peak. This hike covers a small portion of that on its way to Murrieta Falls in the Ohlone Regional Wilderness; 15.5-mile round trip with 5,000 ft of elevation gain.

A permit is needed to hike the trail and can be obtained at the entrance kiosk or online or by mail: $2/person/year.


Sign on Schlieper Rock. Not to be confused with Schlep Rock.

Note to the person that decided the trail is their compost bin, leaving their orange peals scattered along a switchback…you’re a selfish jerk! Orange peels do not decompose readily and can harm wildlife – Pack It Out!

Along the way, a rocky outcrop known as Schlieper Rock provided an irresistable climb.

As you gain elevation along the sometimes-muddy trail, the air becames chillier, remember this if you plan on hiking/backpacking during the rainy season.


Pool right above the falls.

At the next junction, head left down Greenside Road, instead of continuing to the right on the Ohlone Wilderness Regional Trail, to head towards the falls. Murrieta Falls is the Bay Area’s largest falls.


This salamander was almost squished on the way down.

The steep trails were easier to jog down rather than forcefully slow down, hiking poles are advised for those with weak knees.

If the weather is cooperating, take the scenic Mines Road; it is winding and long but take you up Mount Hamilton.


For more information and adventure ideas in the area, please visit our page: East Bay Regional Park District