Grub Ideas

Back in the early days, we ate a lot of Mountain House and dealt with the bloat caused by excessive sodium. Many things have changed since then. For one, we are now vegan. For two, we own a dehydrator.

Dehydrating your own food can open up a whole new window to trail-side deliciousness. We wish we had the Excalibur Dehydrator which gets the best reviews (especially by raw foodists who are champion dehydrators). It might be more costly than other options but even airflow is so crucial to success.

Most recipes can be dried so next time you make a sauce, double the batch and throw half in the dehydrator (lower-fat foods dehydrate the best). Once it’s done you can throw it in a grinder to pulverize the sauce and store it in a Ziploc in the freezer until your trip. Lighter than light.

Vegetables can be lightly steamed and then dehydrated for pasta or burrito add-ins.

Dehydrated fruits make great snacks or cereal toppers, just slice them thin to limit drying time.

For pasta we use kid style ABCs or angel hair pasta. Both cook crazy fast, limiting fuel needed.

Favorite Meals:

  • Sloppy Joe by HappyHealthyLife (lentils instead of TVP) with angel hair pasta.
  • Mac & Cheeze by VeganYumYum with ABC pasta and broccoli/cauliflower.
  • Homemade Red Sauce and angel hair pasta
  • Burritos: mashed beans, onion, bell pepper, corn
  • Hummus and crackers: make your own or dehydrate store bought
  • Stroganoff by crystalmath (sub veggies for meat) with ABC pasta
  • Granola with banana and strawberries
  • Oatmeal: quick-cooking oats, brown sugar, maple syrup (in tiny nalgene)
  • Tofu scramble with fakin’ bacon (PhoneyBaloney’s) and tortilla wraps
  • Field Roast Celebration log, fried, with crackers
  • PB2 (powdered peanut butter, seriously) with bagels, toasted

Store-bought extras:

  • Better Than Soy Milk Powder (Luke is addicted)
  • Umchu Bars (high calorie, nutrient dense)
  • Primal Strip Jerky (carried at Whole Foods and some REIs)
  • PhoneyBaloney’s Coconut Bacon
  • Theo Chocolates (dessert is important too!)
  • Justin’s Dark Chocolate PB Cups (again, dessert!)
  • Nuun (to replenish those electrolytes without the sugar)
  • Miso-Cup (great warming appetizer)

Clearly, we enjoy powdered, light weight goods! We even use tooth powder and powdered shampoo on long trips.

For long road trips where the car can do the carrying, here are some food staples:

  • Aseptic (soy or nut) milk
  • Soup
  • Chips/pretzels/Earth Balance Popcorn
  • Daiya Cheese Shreds
  • Most fully hydrated things 🙂

Creeks make great coolers.

And don’t forget the beer, ever!